Hi my name is Sharif, I am a graphic designer who lives and works in Milan. I have solid experience in the field of graphic design and B2B advertising (Business to business) ATL (Above the line) in institutional and editorial web. In 2000 I graduated as a Graphic Advertiser at the W. Kandinsky institute in Milan where I experimented with the use of traditional tools for creating advertising graphics layouts and then specialized in the use of professional graphic software. Always passionate about technology, art history, graphics, multimedia, typography, photography, creative writing and art history.

Graphic Usability Communication

Excellent knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite for online and offline prototyping. Design of editorial layouts and advertising for high-volume printing, corporate identity and logos. Excellent knowledge of HTML markup, Css and Bootstrap component library for the creation of landing page layouts, newsletters, static and animated banners, progressive web apps, multi-platform Dedicatet Email Marketing.

Knowledge of web marketing strategies, Brand identity, Typography, Advertising planning, semiotics and visual psychology for online sales. Creation of design and copy writing oriented to conversion rate, search optimization engine, lead generation, presence of social networks.

Programming languages

Unix osx development environment. Fundamentals of client-side programming, Javascript language and JQuery library and familiarity with the use of the Ionic Angular React Framework for interfacing with software development developers. Principles of server side programming in Php language and use of the Apache web server platform with MySQL relational database. Using the JavaScript runtime environment Node js. Use of WordPress website publishing platform and platforms for publishing email marketing. Using Xamp web server stack, Git version control – Web Package Manager Npm.

Soft Skills

Empathy, work independently and in a team. Continuous technology stack update. Flexibility, perseverance and focus on corporate objectives. International communication.

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