Hi my name is Sharif, I am a graphic designer who lives and works in Milan. I have solid experience in the field of graphic design and B2B advertising (Business to business) ATL (Above the line) in institutional and editorial web. In 2000 I graduated as a Graphic Advertiser at the W. Kandinsky institute in Milan where I experimented with the use of traditional tools for creating advertising graphics layouts and then specialized in the use of professional graphic software. Always passionate about technology, art history, graphics, multimedia, typography, photography, creative writing and art history.

Programming languages

Programming in osx and windows development environment. Knowledge of Html, Css and Botstrap component library markup. Client-side programming Javascript JQuery library, React library and use of Ionic and Angular Framework for the creation of user interfaces, single page apps and web templates. Knowledge of server side programming, Php language and use of the Apache web server platform with MySQL and MariaDB relational database. Knowledge and use of JavaScript runtime environment Node js. Use of WordPress site publishing platform and platforms for publishing email marketing. Using Xamp web server stack, Git version control – Web Package Manager Npm.

Graphic Usability Communication

Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite for the creation of mobile desktop app layouts, user experience prototyping, interactive banners and 2D – 3D motion graphics, advanced photo editing, graphic assets, web and TV video editing, online offline layout. Knowledge of 3ds Max suite for modeling, animation, match camera and rendering. Knowledge of responsive web logic, Google progressive web app and Material Design, Typography, Grid system, Usability, Technical and artistic design, Advertising Planning, Web Marketing, communication techniques, semiotics and visual psychology oriented to online sales.

Soft Skills

Empathy, work independently and in a team. Continuous technology stack update. Flexibility, perseverance and focus on corporate objectives. International communication.


These are portraits of lived memories but will have no specific theme other than playing with rhyme thoughts.

“Creativity is a competition between used corks of drunk life bottles. Creativity is the intellect of a child who draws a running track with chalk on the sidewalk “

Amer Sharif

When I was a kid, my neighborhood friends and I invented our games. I remember that in Via Vigevano we threw ourselves on the ground with chalks and we designed fantastic racing circuits with lots of obstacles. We used half-crooked tin caps that the bartender gave us by transforming them with so much imagination into racing cars. We were happy to push our custom-made cars along the dirty sidewalk where dozens of adults walked, looking at us smiling.

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